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Cannon Safe Scout Series

What makes this safe a great place to store all your valuables and still have them protected from intense fire is the designed used. It has multiple layers of materials that are fire resistant. It is therefore very important for one to protect his valuables by purchasing this safe. Cannon safes can also UL rated. Cannon safes come with a very attractive warranty offer. If you purchase the safe, you can expect to get a lifetime warranty that will cover the free parts, free freight and free labor. This is a deal that you will not find with any other safe in the market.Image result for gun safe

The Pros

Different price points – this enables one to make a choice depending on the model and budget. For more go to
They are fire proof- this ensures that all your valuables remain safe for a period of more than one and half hours. This is enough time to call for help.
Has a lighting system- it will not matter if the safe is placed in a dark room because it has its own lighting system. This way one can still operate it even in a dark place.
Easy to operate- in as much as it is heavy, it is very easy to operate. It only requires the correct combination to open up.
Not easy to move- it has a drilled bottom that can be bolted to the floor to avoid it from being moved by criminals.
The best warranty- the lifetime warranty guarantees that you are dealing with products of high quality.
The Cons

Tight Security- you might not be able to operate it as the owner if you forget the combination of the safe.
They are expensive- in as much as they are available in different price points, it is still way too expensive to most people.

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