Hair Straighteners: Top 5 Tips

Hair straighteners are considered a necessity by many of us, but not everyone with their own best hair straightener is making the most of them. Here are the top five tips for using hair straighteners and keeping your hair in the best condition possible.

1. Use the right hair care products

To achieve the kind of glossy, high shine finish you see in magazines, you need to make use of the right hair care products. After washing your hair, use a small amount of a professional blow drying hair care product which will act like a facial moisturizer for the hair. This will work to minimize the appearance of split ends and replenish the hair, which will help to achieve that smooth, shiny finish once your hair is properly blow dried and straightened like a best flat iron for natural hair does.

2. Perfect your blow drying technique

Before straightening your hair, using the best possible blow drying technique will help to ensure an immaculate finish. For the perfect blow dry, work on small sections of the hair one at a time. Use a round barrel brush and be sure to use a nozzle on your hair dryer – keep this pointed down the hair shaft. When you take your time blow drying your hair you will see the best results.

If your hair is naturally straight, and you have your blow drying technique perfected, you may find you don’t need to use straighteners at all to achieve that smooth, sleek finish. If not, simply run your straighteners through the lengths and ends of the hair after blow drying – not forgetting to use protection spray – for a really polished look.

3. Tame the frizz

If you have naturally frizzy hair then using the right hair care products, such as a professional shining serum, can really help to flatten and tame your hair, adding shine for a great finish. Simply take a pea sized amount of serum and rub it between the hands. Apply the serum to the mid-length and ends of the hair and work up to the roots for overall shine and polish. In addition to shining serum, obedience cream can work wonders on frizzy hair. This needs to be applied while the hair is wet. Check these FHI flat irons

4. Protect your hair

Protecting your hair while using straighteners is easy with the right hair care products. Make use of some of the professional moisture replenishing shampoos and conditioners available – this will help to prevent the hair drying out from the heat of straightening irons. A thermal protector, applied to wet hair, will also help to protect the hair from the heat. Polishing serum, added at the end of your hair care routine, will add shine to the hair and keep frizz at bay. Always use a small amount of products like these (about the size of a 5p piece usually does the trick).

5. Work with your style

Getting the style right will also improve the finished look of straightened hair. Ask your stylist which cut will work for your face shape and be sure to keep the hair neat and tidy with regular trims.